HOD Message of Agriculture Department


Welcome to the Department of Agriculture at the Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology.
As you opt for a career in agriculture, I wish to assure you that our predominant aim is to ensure that you build the foundation of your successful career in this institution. Over the past few decades, there have been many technological advances in various fields of agriculture as well as serious concerns about degradation of environment, stagnant agricultural crops yields, and contaminated agricultural and horticultural produce. Challenges are there for growing needs for increased food security, healthy and nutritious food, and environmental conservation. There is a pressing need for innovative agriculture and natural resource professionals who must find ways to substantially increase food production and quality of agricultural produce, boost profitable agriculture with minimum reliance on harmful chemicals, and to boost conservation agriculture and organic farming with cost-effective inputs.
Modern agriculture must address these issues through relevant education and practical skills of all those who are involved in food production and management. We inspire our students to bring out their innovative thoughts on various aspects of agriculture in a practical way. Modern education is all about preparing the students for the future careers, keeping in view the competitive standards that exist for various job markets. We reckon that practical quality education is the key to produce talented agricultural graduates with high caliber that can contribute to agricultural growth and advancements and to well being of the society. We want to prepare them for their careers that matter and provide opportunities to make a difference in the world. I cannot think of nobler professions than that dedicated to preserving our earth for future generations and boosting healthy, quality food production for growing populations.
Our Department endeavors to create and foster an atmosphere of learning and teaching and impart high quality education to the aspiring students from different states and countries. You will be groomed to broaden your horizons, deepen your insights and develop new ideas with effective teaching and practical skills by our experienced and talented faculty who have commitment to excellence in education, research and service. Quality teaching with focus on practical aspects is crucial to produce the critically-thinking, creative globally-competent and industrially oriented professionals who will shape the future of the society. We have strong links with several institutions and organizations that collaborate with us to deliver quality education and practical skills to our students through guest lectures, field visits and attachments. We place a strong emphasis on the all-round development of our students to develop leadership skills, nurture and showcase their talents and play a meaningful role in life.
I invite you to explore the ACET, both online and in person.

Dr.V.K Mehan(Head of the Department - Agriculture)agc amritsar