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The Agriculture Department at Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology (ACET) arranges for workshops on numerous topics on agriculture. The workshop on “Organic Farming” was held at the campus. It was a one day workshop.
The workshop was graciously attended by the students and the faculty of the department. Mr. Subash Palekar Ji was the guest speaker of the workshop.
The workshop emphasized on the importance and utility of organic farming and how conventional methods of farming are the causes of environment and human health degradation.
The interaction explained the importance to work the reckless use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, he stressed on the uses of natural manures and animal wastes. He also gave a statistical comparison to show the effectiveness of organic farming over conventional farming, if organic farming is done scientifically. The interactive session at the end had lots of questions from the students where framers emphasized mainly on the commercial growth of crops organically.